About Us

chauffeurNumber 6 comprises of a large number of Bideford taxi businesses that have chosen to merge over time.

Some of the most established and longest standing local firms have joined forces including Quay Cars, Bideford Taxis, D&K Taxis, Wes Taxis, Central Cars and many other independent cars, all now form Number 6.

By working together and pooling bookings through one central reservations office & number, customers can now get a much quicker taxi pick-up, and dead mileage can simultaneously be reduced. These efficiencies are passed directly on to the customer in form of Number 6’s lower than meter fares applicable to many journeys.

By pooling resources the company can offer taxis 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Headed up by Leo Maunder, who at the age of 19 became Bideford’s youngest ever licensed taxi driver, the business operates like a co-operative with everybody sharing the work and rewards equally.

Leo learned about the business from the bottom up and therefore has an unparalleled understanding of the customers needs.

Over time Leo recognised that by looking after your drivers and their vehicles, it directly translates into a happy customer experience.

All of the drivers are proud to have signed up to Number 6’s customer charter. They fully recognise that their success is dependant on Number 6’s consistent delivery of total customer satisfaction.

The Charter has 6 strands:

  1. Our Cars will always be clean
  2. Our Drivers will always be smartly dressed
  3. Our Drivers will always be helpful & polite
  4. Our Pre-booked pick-ups will always be on time
  5. Our Prices will always be lower
  6. Our Company will always be environmentally concious